Light BBQ Chicken Pizza

Light BBQ Chicken Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?  We all love the delicious taste that pizza provides.  Everyone has those days where we crave the taste of a warm slice (or two) of pizza.  However, the one downside to this favorite food is that it is not very healthy to eat.  The crust is fattening and there’s also a lot of cheese, which is fattening as well.  This doesn’t stop us from eating it though.  Some people may take that bite into the slice and wonder, how can I keep eating my favorite meal, but have it be a little bit healthier for me.  The link here will give you a delicious recipe on how to make healthier pizza.  And it’s not a recipe for plain pizza, it’s for the delicious specialty pizza…BBQ Chicken.

So what makes this pizza healthier than regular pizza?  The secret is in the best part…the crust.  Rather than a regular flour based crust, this recipe calls for a cauliflower based crust.  Removing the flour from the crust and replacing it with cauliflower removes over 100 calories from the final product.  In one slice of this BBQ Chicken pizza, there is only 157 calories.  The cauliflower crust adds in tons of veggies that we normally wouldn’t get if we had a regular slice of pizza.  Now we can eat two delicious slices of this healthier pizza alternative for almost half the calories of two slices of regular pizza, and who’s going to complain about that?


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