Cauliflower Buffalo “Wings”

Cauliflower Buffalo “Wings”

Who doesn’t love buffalo wings?  Almost anyone you talk to will tell you that it is one of their favorite things to eat.  Whether it’s for an appetizer, a snack, or your actual meal, they are always delicious.  Paired with blue cheese or ranch dressing for dipping, the only healthy part of this meal are the celery and carrots you get on the side.  But, like we all know, the things that taste the best are usually the worst for you.  However, I have found a recipe that turns these delicious buffalo chicken wings and makes them healthy.  The only difference: it’s cauliflower, not chicken.

I can say from experience that these cauliflower buffalo wings are amazing.  My mom has made them, along with making the blue cheese recipe, and there is not a bad thing to say about them.  While chicken isn’t always “bad” for you, eating veggies is obviously the healthier choice.  This recipe eliminates any thought that the meal could possibly be unhealthy.  All it is is cauliflower bites covered in buffalo sauce.  You can make the sauce as mild or as spicy as you like so that it completely satisfies your personal taste.  The blue cheese dressing you make for dipping is also a bit healthier than using regular blue cheese, and of course, you can substitute that for ranch if you prefer.  Now you can have your favorite buffalo “wings” and know that is is 100% healthier for you with this alternate way to make them!


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