Pancakes…Everyone’s Favorite Breakfast

Pancakes…Everyone’s Favorite Breakfast

Who doesn’t love pancakes?  Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, most people you talk to will say that they have always loved this food.  They are fairly easy to make and they taste absolutely delicious.  Top them off with syrup and maybe some fruit (if you like fruit) and you have a sweet and very tastey meal.  However, like most sweet treats, pancakes are not the healthiest meal choice.  And adding too much syrup on top doesn’t help that!  I have found a recipe that makes pancakes only 32 calories each!

The key is to avoid the processed box mixes at all cost.  If you make your pancakes from scratch, they don’t have to be bad for you!  This recipe tells you the six ingredients you’ll need to make healthy, delicious pancakes.  The recipe also suggests topping them with honey instead of syrup.  However, if you prefer to use syrup on your pancakes (I know I do), try to not use too much of it.  This will help you to keep your delicious meal of pancakes as healthy as possible!  Add some fruit, on top or on the side, and you are good to go!


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